…having an eye for words. Or an ear, that is. Although, I suppose this pertains to all crafts. Once you get deep enough in something, you can’t escape it. Lately, when I’ve been curled up on my couch with a book, I’ve found myself stumbling over sentences, editing it in my mind as I read. I’ll...
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This was quite a ride. An emotional one, too. Summary from the inside jacket: Five months ago, Valerie Leftman’s boyfriend, Nick, opened fire on their school cafeteria. Shot trying to stop him, Valerie inadvertently saved the life of a classmate, but was implicated in the shootings because of the list helped create. A list of...
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So it’s 2011. I find this really odd, mostly because when someone mentions something from say, 1998, I still feel like this was just a handful of years ago. By handful, I mean like two or three years. Five, max. It’s weird to think that anything that occured during the 90’s is now over a...
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Putting the final touches on my MS before querying can only be likened to watching the last 5 minutes of a tied football game. Instead of taking 5 minutes, the game drags out for over an hour. Too many time-outs, and players running out of bounds to stop the clock, and yet the intensity is...
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