Go Away, I’m Reading: Hunger Games inspired dust jackets

Remember when we made those snarky dust jackets so you could tell people to bug off while reading? Well the response has been so amazing that Sarah, Tracey, and I have been thinking long and hard about how to move forward with the project and give you guys more goodies. We are seriously considering opening...
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Go away! I’m reading.

Some people just don’t understand that when you have your nose deep in a book, it means just that. You are deep in a book. You do NOT want to be interrupted. The other day, my friend Sarah Enni found this amazing pin on etsy: I thought it was genius, but Tracey Neithercott promptly pointed...
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Keep calm and carry on

You’ve seen the poster I’m talking about, right? This one; designed to keep morale up in Britain during the WWII, but never really put into use. It wasn’t until years later, after the propaganda slipped into public domain, that the Internet saw a resurgence of this “keep calm and carry on” slogan. Chances are you’ve...
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