Crutches in writing

We all have them. Certain words we use more than others. Phrases we rely on. I am aware of a good number of mine, and even though I consciously try to keep them in check, they always sneak into my work. Especially first drafts. I’m working on something new at the moment, and my goodness,...
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Creativity is not a bottomless well

For a very long time, I was a firm believer that writing every day was the best recipe for staying sharp, focused and creative. Some days you write for hours, other days only a few minutes. But I’ve recently started to believe that writing every day may not always be the best approach. By all...
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Battling the urge to check email

So you sent the email. You hit send and it went flying off into the depths of cyberspace. Now what do you? Refresh gmail every other minute until the response comes back, right? (Don’t lie. I’m guilty of this too.) I saw this tweet earlier in the week and something inside me cringed a little:...
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Why I love revising

I truthfully don’t mind revising. And now you’re probably thinking one of two things. Either A, that is a total lie. Or B, something is wrong with this girl and she’s not quite sane. But I really am being honest, so if truth exists in either theory, it lives in B and B alone. I...
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