A TAKEN trilogy recap to prep you for FORGED

I did a recap last year before Frozen‘s release. It seemed like a good idea to do another for Forged. This final installment jumps right into the action, so if you don’t have time for a series re-read (and who does with the height of our TBR piles?), this post should...

A TAKEN recap to prep you for FROZEN

One of the problematic issues with series is the wait between books. After a year (heck, even after two or three months), the finer details of a story begin to escape most readers. In Frozen, I made a deliberate decision to not spend too much time summarizing the events of Taken....

A photo recap of the last two weeks

The days since my book launched have flown by–perhaps even faster than the ones leading up to it did.*  Launch day itself was low key and wonderful. I got a massage, spotted TAKEN on a bookshelf for the first time ever, and the Engineer and I went out for a nice dinner. My...